Perfect Party!

Party Guide - Throw the "Perfect" Party

  • Don't over-do it. If you let your imperfections show, your guests will feel more comfortable.
  • Pay attention to mood. Think about the music, lighting, and where you're placing the food throughout the house so the party flows and the guests still have a place to land.
  • Do enough "pre-game" preparation. Anything you can do ahead of time is going to make you that much more at ease.
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Nothing gets a crowd moving like great live music. From a string quartet at a brunch to a rockin' band at a prom, here's what you need to know ...
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The infamous Christmas office party is often viewed with impending doom. It's reputation often precedes itself and has resulted in the end of many a career. How can the trappings of the evil office party be avoided? Here are some party planning and etiquette tips that hopefully will help you survive. Merry Christmas!

All the info to throw THE perfect party at your fingertips! We give you details on your chosen party theme, we suggest what you do about party supply, we have lots of party invitation ideas, party costume ideas, party decoration ideas, party game ideas, party favor ideas and even party cake ideas.

Planning a party is fun, exciting & easy!

With our help, you can plan the most original party ever. And what's more, you'll have a huge amount of fun doing it. This party will be the one every one will remember!

Choose your finger snacks carefully. Choose foods that complement each other. Try setting a theme for the food in each room or on each table. Allow 4 to 6 hot hors d'oeurves per person. Don't serve gooey, drippy sauces near expensive rugs or furniture. Keep some carpet cleaner on hand, just in case.

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