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Boat lighting

Boat lighting Boating is undoubtedly, an exciting experience, especially during the nights and also during times when the visibility is reduced. This dream ride could turn out to be as exciting as a video game without any graphics, if the boat lacks proper lightings that are required. The lightings that are required should be visible from a distance of two miles on a normal dark night. These are one among the numerous requirements for a safe and secure boat ride.

A boat ride is meant to sit back and enjoy, not worrying about lack of lights or other essential items. Lights differ from one boat to another as they depend on the size and the type of the boat. So the lights required for a personal boat may vary from the light requirements of a motor boat. Different types of lights that are required for a boat are stern lights, masthead lights, all-round white lights and side lights.

These lightings are not for decorative or fancy purposes, but as a safety measure. People would never like to see their priced boats submerge like the Titanic. Navigation lights are one of the important lights for your boat as well as for other boaters as it determines the give-way vessels direction when meeting each other at night.

Navigation lights should be displayed from dusk to dawn, and also during limited visibility period such as fog. It is essential to equip with knowledge regarding navigation lights even for a small boat skipper as he is also responsible to display proper color lights with adequate intensity, visibility and depending on the location. This knowledge will navigate you safely during night or during the periods of poor visibility.

Navigation boat lights are of four types. The red and green lights are known as sidelights. This is apparently obvious to the approaching vessel. The red light is an indication of left side of the vessel and the green light is an indication of the right side of the vessel.

Similarly, the white lights are known as the sternlight. This light can be seen only behind the vessel. Masthead light is white light that shines on both sides and is also fitted on the front.

This is mandatory for all power-driven vessels. The nonexistence of this light indicates a sailing vessel because only sailboats those are sailing display sidelights and a sternlight. Another important light is the All-round white light.

This light is a combination of the masthead and stern light. This light functions as an anchor light in the absence of sidelights. Interpreting what you see is a great way of learning. A navigation light red in color on another vessel indicates she has the authority of way and you must wait, that's the meaning of red color.

In case you see two, three consecutive vertical lights, it indicates a tug with a tow. Watch the lights on the towed vessel and avoid passing between the tow and the tug. You should know the meaning of other lights as well. Precautions such as ensuring the working conditions of your navigation light, and carrying extra bulb is essential.

Hasty action is best avoided and proceeding with caution is recommended. Always be alert and traveling alone at night should be avoided. Similarly, if visibility is restricted stopping the vessel is advisable. Adhering to caution and following the display of lights rules will navigate you safely.

Christopher Hartwell is the author of this article on HID Equipment Lights. Find more information about Tactical Flashlights here.

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