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Emergency car kits

EMERGENCY SURVIVAL KITS An emergency can occur to anyone at any time hence it is always wise to be fully prepared at all times for an eventuality or emergency that can occur. Every home should have a stock of emergency supplies that can last for a minimum of three days for every member of your family. Since families travel often over short or long distances it is always better to have an emergency supply kit in your car to face any disaster that the world may through at you any time.

You must ensure that you are carrying First Aid Kits in your glove box. You could have Car Emergency Kits in your trunk all the time. Severe weather emergency car kits will come in hand if you find yourself struck in your car in bad weather conditions. Make sure that there are sufficient travel blankets for all your family members while you are out on picnics or sporting events. It is indeed reassuring to find that when an AAA approved Car Emergency Kits is in your car, you are prepared to meet any emergency.

The survival and emergency kits will come in handy not only when you are in the car but also when you are at home as you are certain that the emergency kits is there at home, in the garage, inside the car. You will no longer have to search for the neediest items in an emergency. The car emergency kits that are on offer are winter car emergency kits, vehicle emergency kits, emergency road assistance kits, road traveler kit, Severe Weather Winter Travel Kit AAA-approved, Piece Severe Weather Winter Travel Kit AAA-approved, Roadside Emergency Kit, Economy Auto Emergency Kit, Ready Tube Personal Evacuation Kit with 72 hours water and food for one person!, All ?In- One Car Emergency Kit, auto first aid kits for any unexpected medical emergency.

These emergency kits are made to fit your budgets whatever they are. There are certain items that should always be a part of any emergency or survival kit. The supplies in an emergency kit could include non-perishable; ready-to-eat emergency food bars, suitable for all members of the family. Make sure the kit also includes First aid kit and Flashlight.

To keep in touch with latest news during an emergency it always good to have a Battery-operated AM/FM radio and keep extra batteries with it. You can also replace them with wind-up radios that do not require batteries. A Whistle, Iodine tablets or one quart of unscented bleach for disinfecting water if directed to do so by health officials and eyedropper, for adding bleach to water should also be apart of the kit.

Personal hygiene items like soap, feminine hygiene products, toothbrush and toothpaste, etc. should be included. Child care supplies or other special care items for children and elderly members if applicable can be included in the kit.

Do not forget to keep 3 days supplies for your medical conditions such as diabetes, allergies, heart diseases or any other condition from which you or your family members may suffer from.

Eugene Bot is the author of this article on Car Emergency Kits. Find more information about Emergency Car Kits here.

Perfect Party

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