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How to buy a Dishwasher

Despite the common misconception that the dishwasher is a modern kitchen appliance, the first dishwasher was invented by Josephine Garis Cochran in 1886. She was a wealthy middle class woman with a clumsy maid who would often chip or crack the best china tea sets. Josephine designed a machine that would wash the dishes effectively without damaging the pots in the process.

However, it wasn't until the 1950s that the dishwasher became a household kitchen appliance; up until this point only restaurants and large catering companies used dishwashers. Dishwashers have come a long way since 1886 and we expect them to do so much more than to just clean dirty dishes without any damages. How do you choose a suitable dishwasher for your needs? First and foremost, the size of your family will influence your choice. A standard 18" compact dishwasher is suitable for a family of up to three people whereas a 24" compact dishwasher would accommodate a family of more than three members. Your next consideration might be the 'type' of dishwasher you choose.

If you have a new kitchen and wish to conceal your white kitchen appliances you could opt for a concealed or 'built in' dishwasher. Free-standing models do come in assorted sizes, so you would needs to take the measurements of the space in your kitchen where the dishwasher was to be positioned. This might have a big impact on your choices. If you live alone, or if your kitchen is particularly strapped for space you might consider a countertop dishwasher. With global warming and rising energy costs in the forefront of everyone's minds, energy saving dishwashers are obviously desirable. All electrical appliances are graded for their energy efficiency, 'A' being the greenest machines.

Always buy the most Eco-friendly machine you can afford. In addition to the energy efficiency banding look to see if the dishwasher has other Eco-friendly options such as - Quick Wash Programme. Great for if you only have a half load or pre-rinsed/ not very dirty pots. Quick wash also reduces the amount of water used with each wash, which you might also consider if your house has a water meter.

Delay Start. The delayed start is beneficial if you have Economy Seven, and your electricity is cheapened during the middle of night at off peak times. Eco Cycle with Air Dried Dishes.

This cycle allows the dishes to drain and doesn't blow hot air onto the dishes. This saves energy. A Stainless Steel Interior and Washing Arm. Stainless steel is easy to keep clean and will not rust, and a stainless steel washing arm is more durable than a plastic arm meaning the machine should have a longer life. shows you how to buy cheap white goods, low price freezers, fridges and kitches appliances and low priced white goods. For advice on how to buy cheap quality items visit

Perfect Party

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