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Online shopping can be a hassle free experience if shoppers keep a few facts in mind. Contrary to popular belief, online shopping can be as secure and safe as handing cash over the counter and any smart online shopper should look for the following while dealing with an e-commerce website: Look for secure sites Almost all e-commerce sites use a secure transaction server that ensures that all data transmitted is encrypted using a 128 bit cipher (browsers like Internet Explorer 7 now support a 256 bit cipher). Look for websites that are using technologies like SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for their online transactions. In addition, most e-commerce sites ensure that they use dynamic pages that expire after a given time period.

Make sure you are dealing with a website that is using a trusted payment gateway like or It is equally important to shop with e-commerce websites that are safe from hackers, most e-commerce websites have started enrolling with the 'Hacker Proof' programme that allows webmasters to have their websites tested for potential security threats. Remember, any webmaster willing to invest time and money for securing their website is serious about his/her business.

Don't forget shipping costs You might be getting a great deal on the latest electronic gadget, but always look for a website that is transparent in its dealing. Most e-commerce websites have a transparent procedure that clearly mentions the shipping costs, insurance and handling charges (if any), and any additional charges that might be levied. Before buying anything online, make sure you understand the shipping charges and any additional charges that might be involved. Ease of use Although all webmasters work towards making their websites easy to use and free from complications, look for a website that is easy to use.

Most websites are compatible with web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox and Netscape but you should make sure that the e-commerce website you are using does not require any additional plug-ins or add-ons. Excellent examples of easy to use websites are eBay and Amazon, and their success can be attributed to the ease with which internet users can use both websites. Payment options Although most e-commerce websites use standard payment gateways, look for an e-commerce website that allows you to make payment using various methods. If you are not comfortable making online payments using credit cards, make sure you can make payments via PayPal. Remember, as a consumer it is always a good idea to be able to make payments the way you want, and a website that does not offer a full slate of payment options may not always meet your approval.

It is equally important that you deal with a website that has been in existence for a long time and has established a reputation for itself. There is no denying that e-commerce websites cannot become reliable and trusted overnight, but you can deal with a website that is safe and secure none the less. For great online discounts and deals on popular products visit

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