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Joining beauty and culture Indian religious gift

There are many great things that have been said about India and they are all based on the incredible ethnic diversity, cultural inheritance and love for religion. Far from being just a nation, the Indians have showed others cultures an incredible pleasure for worship and that is clearly reflected in their temples. Today, with the aid of the Internet technology, anyone can purchase an Indian religious gift and discover the many symbols hidden behind it. If you are interested in an Indian house warming gift, you should know that the Internet holds an impressive collection of Indian religious murtis.

These statues depict idols that have been around for centuries, laying the foundation of Indian beliefs and culture. The peepal collection is especially appreciated, being comprised on a unique selection of Indian religious idols on peepal leaves. These are the leaves of a fig tree, one that can be found throughout entire Indian, prized for its beauty and longevity. The reason why Buddhist idols are presented on a gold pan leaf is because this particular tree is regarded as sacred.

Gold plates peepal idols attract prospective customers, being unique and intriguing. They are all aware of the link between the fig tree and Indian culture, especially since the legend says that Buddha himself attained Nirvana while sitting under one of these beautiful trees. It's no wonder that so many people have become interested in Ganesha peepal, Laxmi peep or Radha Krishna peep, as these are true symbols of Indian faith, being elegantly plated with 24kt gold.

The most wonderful thing about a gold pan leaf is that the form is unique and has a particular shape; you can easily browse the Internet and search for gold plated peepal leaves and idols to convince yourself of this very enticing form of art. The Hindu people have always believed in the sanctity of culture and the peepal tree is a very important part of that belief system. For them, these objects are priceless, the pan leaf being perceived even today as sacred and one-of-a-kind.

Many idols have been portrayed on a gold pan leaf including Ganesh, Laxmi, Tirupati Balaji and Sai Baba, all of these objects representing exquisite gifts. A particular favorite of many people is the Radha Krishna on gold peepal leaf, having beautifully-colored idols just for the pleasure of those who are truly interested. You would not believe how many people want to purchase idols that are presented on a gold pan leaf but that is actually true. Many of them are also passionate about other idols, not just those pertaining to the Hindu culture. This is why you can purchase Allah peepal, Jesus and Mary peepal as a completely novelty; still, for a lot of people the Hindu idols remain the first choice, particularly if we are to think about the gold leaf Ganesha idol, the deity commonly recognized as a symbol of knowledge and enlightenment. The combination between a natural pan leaf and the 24k plating is definitely unique, the idols being usually made from cultured marble.

If you are passionate about Om Sai marble products, you can find them very easily online and offer them as gifts. Upon purchase, you will be given a wonderful gift box and also a display stand, all of them destined to enhance the beauty of the precious religious idol. - All our collections make make great gifts for Diwali season, house warming - the most beautiful and largest collection of Ganesha and Lakshmi idols and murtis anywhere on the web:

Perfect Party

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