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Selecting a Good Poker Chip Set

When you play poker at home it is very important to have the right poker chips set. An outstanding poker chips set serves 2 purposes. Firstly it makes playing more fun, but secondly it is a mark of class. Just like any other status symbol the kind of set that the host of the poker game uses is a sign of their prestige.

For instance if you produce a set of Wal-mart plastic chips you are telling your fellow players, that you are not really interested in poker and you are not planning on hosting any more games. A composite poker chips set will look a little better and brand you as someone who has somewhat of an interest in poker but also thinks of saving money on his poker chips set. Your ultimate statement would be a set of Paulson clay poker chips, embossed with a custom image.

This tells all your gaming friends that you are passionate about poker and only the best poker chips will do for you and your elite friends. It is true that a poker chips set will speak reams about a person. Once you are sure of the poker chips set you want, you will need to decide on a case. Your decision will be guided by whether you will be keeping your chips set at home or be carrying them around. Of course if your poker chips set is staying at home you may want to have a fine looking showcase, with a glass top, that will be a great conversation piece.

On the other hand if you are going to carry your set around, you will need a good carrying case for them. You actually have 2 choices when it comes to selecting a carrying case for your poker chips set. One is wood and the other is aluminum. Although wood is decorative, aluminum is really more practical. After all the only thing you want to do is to get your set to your destination without the chips getting damaged. Wood carrying cases can get chipped or even crack but aluminum cases will not get damaged very easily.

Once you have made your decision about your chips and case it is time to take a quick look at what your poker chip set includes. It should have a dealer button, 2 decks of cards, poker chips and if possible 5 dice. It is not necessary to have the dice but you really should have the rest of the things.

You are ready to go with your new poker chip case. Now go ahead and begin playing your own games with your friends. Work on your poker skills but above all enjoy your game.

Thom Riemersma knows how to choose a clay poker chip set. He suggests as the reliable spot for your poker chip shopping. Visit them today and experience the quality and service enjoyed by their customers for over 4 years.

Perfect Party

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