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The Swords in Stone

Military Sword Collectors For those of you that find the past fascinating, or simply enjoy following the trends and styles of the bygone eras of swords, can find some solace in the fact that our armed forces still carry their swords when in dress uniform, and each branch does in fact have their own tell tale sword sworn to uphold our country, aiding a strong arm of one nation under God. Upon researching these classic swords that hold so much history with them and keep America focused on the sacrifices made for us to be free, you will find that although their stories vary, their histories and purposes are very much alike. Throughout time and warfare, the styles of the sword hilts have varied widely, often ranging in sizes and colors as well.

These differences seemed to suit the era in which they were being used, and give us, today, a minuscule glimpse into the minds and dispositions of the men of battle from those long ago years. The main swords that have changed from century to century are, of course, our DOD (Department of Defense) swords, the US Military swords. Along with these famous eye grabbing displays of color and design, are the Navy NCO cutlasses which are an entirely different breed of sword in comparison. As with any such emblem or insignia, the swords vary from the Airforce sword as well. Not many people are aware of the swords worn in every branch of the Department of Defense, nor are they aware that in each one, the sword holds different meanings and representations and by studying or researching the USMS, Army saber, Navy cutlass, Navy swords and the Army sword you will be able to see each branch of defense for our country in an entirely new light that so professionally grasps the morals and honor from past generations and manages to shed some much needed light on the excellent qualities that helped to define those warriors from back in time. Providing you have access to viewing these amazing pieces of history and background either in person or online, you will be able to once again, experience the days of those famous years that have seemingly blown to the four corners of the earth, borne on winds of change and a harsh reality that things are not what they once were.

The pictures online of these amazing swords that so valiantly display their designers' work, are an excellent way of familiarizing yourself with the styles, quality and workmanship from the past, that even if unintended has served to help shape our views and morals even today. As famous collectors' items, all US Military swords are rapidly becoming a hot commodity as they offer a view of a past that began long before us, and still affect the future that will be here long after us. As we learn from the past, the mistakes, joys, triumphs and glories we are enabling ourselves to move forward, ever closer to accepting ourselves and our history as genuine and worthy of praise, loyalty, and love.

Experiencing a piece of history, experiencing the cutting edge of the birth of our nation - check out the US Military swords.

Atle Andersen is the author of this article on US Military Swords. Find more information about US Military Swords here.

Perfect Party

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