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Use An Number Directory To Shop Twice Pay Once

We've all heard the phrase "measure twice, cut once". Think of the savings if you could do the same while shopping. Everyone loves to get a bargain. Not one friend I know would be happier having paid more for something they own. Shopping has turned into an art form.

The younger we are, the more naive we are about bargain hunting. Maybe it's because we didn't have anyone else to buy for previously, just us. A novice bargain hunter thinks bargains start in the department store in the sale or clearance rack. But a sweater that was originally marked at $86.

00 marked down to $76.00 is somewhat difficult to swallow as a bargain. In fact, I'm sure my husband wouldn't see it as a bargain. Someone a little more experienced may find that larger chain discount stores are the way to go, but again, sometimes those aren't really the best buys you could find if you weren't limited to your geography. In recent years resale boutiques where you could even bring your own clothing to sell became the newest craze, but you still had to physically travel to those boutiques and try on the merchandise.

Additionally, it depended which community you were in as to the type of merchandise. Even more recently, along came online auction sites, but again, these are mostly used clothing, or clothing that you need to purchase in bulk. Hopefully, there are photos as well, but you can't contact the seller on the phone, or if you are able to contact them, you really hope that they have an 800 number. All this information boils down to having to shop mostly in your own geographical area. Gas prices having risen in recent years, and now being what they are limit our mobility in terms of searching for bargains. This includes even our groceries.

Most of us know, though, that real bargains are usually found in other areas, if only we could reach them. If only there were an 800 number to connect us to those bargains, because being conscientious bargain hunters we wouldn't dare pay to make a toll call to find out about sale merchandise. In carpentry, there is a phrase "measure twice, cut once." That's how I approach shopping. I would rather shop for days, calling toll free numbers if I had to, in order to find the right item and be able to say that I had purchased it at the price I wanted to pay for it instead of the price I had to pay because I was limited by where I live. Imagine what people in remote areas would have to resort to if they weren't able to reach out to those businesses with 800 numbers? Let's face it, toll free numbers are the way to go, and then you can call and ask whatever question you wanted to, and not have to worry about how long you're on the phone with the retailer, or how long they place you on hold.

You won't have to count the minutes and calculate how much it costs. Instead, using an 800 toll free directory, you can calculate how much money you're saving, and then what else you want to bargain hunt for. How you tell your spouse is up to you, but at least using toll free numbers you'll have plenty of time to think up what you want to say.

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Perfect Party

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