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Having a party at a restaurant is a fantastic option if you want to leave the cleanup and responsibility to someone else. Here's how.


You've seen those people who seem to be comfortable in any social situation. What's their secret?


  1. Dress to kill. Wear something either very fashionable or very flashy (but tasteful), depending on your intent. Well-tailored clothes imply class; bold outfits are hard to forget.

  2. Make a grand entrance - carry a kazoo and announce your arrival. Better yet, provide your friends with kazoos and let them do it for you.

  3. Stand up straight and look people directly in the eye. Self-assurance is very attractive. If you have to fake it, then fake it. It gets easier the more you practice. People will believe that there must be some underlying reason for your self-confidence.

  4. Smile and make eye contact with every person you speak with. But don't stare. Flirt a little. As the party progresses, flirt a lot. Don't end up alone in a room with someone, though. You'll miss the party and your chance to shine.

  5. Compliment each person you talk to and find out something interesting about them. People are most interested in themselves. Everyone has something intriguing about them - you just may have to dig a little to find it.
  6. Circulate! Don't get trapped with the same people all evening. Break away within five minutes of meeting someone and move on. You can always come back. If someone drones on and on, excuse yourself immediately and walk away.

  7. Be aware of current events and movies, and have a couple of tasteful, funny jokes on hand. If you have to read the news right before you leave, then do it. You'll be able to start a conversation and then learn more about the topic from the people you talk to.

  8. Avoid discussing money, politics, religion or yourself.

  9. Introduce people you meet to each other. This gives you the appearance of being popular and helps you to remember names and faces.

  10. Avoid anyone lurking by the food or doors. They are not likely to be interested in conversation.


It may help to keep an index card handy at first while you practice this. Slip away and make notes to yourself if you have a bad memory for names.

- Don't drink so much you lose control. The life of the party isn't really the guy with the lamp shade on his head.

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