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Having a party at a restaurant is a fantastic option if you want to leave the cleanup and responsibility to someone else. Here's how.


  1. Choose a few restaurants you really like. Base your choices on personal experience, friends' recommendations and restaurant guidebooks like the Zagat series.

  2. Speak to the managers of these establishments about renting a room - or the whole place, depending on the size of your party.

  3. Have a conversation with the manager regarding the menu, the drinks, the bouncer and who's to pay for the services.

  4. Create and sign a contract for the services, and be prepared to pay a deposit.

  5. Send out invitations - via mail or e-mail - to the elite list of potential attendees.

  6. Arrive early the day of the party and decorate if allowed and/or desired.

  7. Treat the employees of the restaurant with the utmost respect and courtesy.

  8. Mingle with your friends, enjoy good food and beverages and have a terrific time.

  9. Pay the manager the remaining balance, and tip like you just won the lottery.


You may want to offer a no-host bar to defray some costs, or consider serving only beer and wine. Some restaurants will allow you to bring in your own wine, but they'll probably charge a corkage fee per bottle.

- Be clear on any time limit imposed by the restaurant. Speak to the manager and work out an agreement. - Find out if you'll be charged an extra fee for cleanup. If so, you may want to consider doing it yourself. Warnings:

- Be mindful of your spending limits before agreeing to have an open bar.

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